Minimum 600 FICO

Loan Terms:

1 to 5 year repayment

Loan Size:


Time in Business:

Minimum of 1 year in business

Loan Fees:

4-6 points

Interest Rate:

Varies, can be as low as 9.99%, 14%-20% on average

Gross Annual Revenue:

150k minimum

Repayment Schedule:

Weekly or Monthly based on pace of receivable

Excluded Business Types:

Bonded Construction, Real Estate or Financial Investment, Trucking, Transportation, Non-Profits, International Distribution

Lending Territory:

United States, all 50 States


Loan approval is on average, 2 weeks. A more traditional loan product that is secured on the business. This loan product must have first lien position although this can be done by consolidating other business debt into this new loan. All owners with at least 20% ownership will need to be underwritten and be required to guarantee. Proceeds can be used for any purpose except those that involve real estate. In most cases there is no Prepayment penalty

Docs Needed:

• Specific Questionnaire for these products (done online)
• Credit Report with scores (free online report is acceptable)
• Signed business Credit Authorization Form (unless borrow answered questionnaire online themselves)
• Last 3 most recent year’s business tax returns or P&L statements (updated within 60 days)
• YTD P&L statement and Balance sheet (updated within 60 days)
• 6 months most recent bank statements
• Most recent year’s personal tax return
• If business has debt, than a Business Debt schedule
If applicable the current A/R and A/P aging reports