Minimum 560 FICO

Loan Terms:

6-month repayment per draw/ Revolving credit line

Loan Size:

2k to 100k

Time in Business:

At least 1 year in business

Interest Rate:

Fees are 1% - 13.5%* of the selected loan amount the first 2 months and 1% for each

Minimum Volume:

$2500 per month in sales during previous 3 months

Minimum Transactions:

At least 20 business transactions per month (sale, invoice, credit card transaction, check)

Negative Ending Balances:

Cannot have more than 3 negative balances in your business checking account in the past 90 days.

Lending Territory:

Nationwide in the US


Borrower can be approved for loan in as little as 24 hours. Excellent product for everyone but especially online merchants. It can lend based on the business’ sales on Etsy, eBay and Amazon. If the majority of their transactions are not in the business checking account but instead through PayPal that is no problem. Free to apply, Free to keep the credit line open. Once approved a business can take as much as one draw every 24 hours. Each draw counts as its own 6-month loan and then all of the credit line’s payments are combined into one monthly payment.

Docs/Information Needed:

• Email,
• Full Legal Name,
• Full Home Address,
• Personal Phone Number,
• Date of Birth,
• Social Security Number,
• Company Structure Type,
• DBA or Business Name,
• Tax ID/EIN,
• Year Business was started,
• Business Address &
• Business Phone Number

Once we receive this information, the borrower will receive an email from the lender shortly that will instruct them how to link their online accounts in order to get approved for the Line of Credit.