No minimum personal credit score

Loan Terms:

66-88 business days, which is 3-4 months. This is only a 3-4 month loan.

Loan Size:

20%-30% of Gross Monthly Revenue

Time in Business:

Minimum of 3 months at 15k+ per month worth of deposits into Business Bank Account

Negative Ending Balances:

Less than 5 per month

Loan Cost:

Not an Interest Rate but a fixed %, which varies based on each situation

Excluded Business Types:


Lending Territory:

All States in the USA


For businesses who do not qualify for other cash advance programs. Approval usually in under 24 hours. This product is for when everyone else says no. There are no forbidden businesses. This program can take 2nd or even 3rd lien position. All that matters is that the business has enough cash flow to service the loan

Docs Needed

Application and 3 months of the most recent, consecutive and complete bank statements