Minimum 580 FICO

Loan Terms:

6 months to 18 months

Loan Size:


Time in Business:

Minimum of 1 year in business

Loan Fee:

2.5 points

Interest Rate:

Varies, 15%-43% on average

Repayment Schedule:

Daily ACH, only on business days.

Annual Gross Revenue:

150k minimum/3k minimum average bank balance

Excluded Business Types:

Financial, Real Estate, Travel, Construction, Subscriptions, Vehicle, Legal, Billing, Farming, Government, Vices, Non-Profits

Lending Territory:

United States, all 50 states


Average loan approval is 2 business days. A much faster product than the term loan with many less documents needed. 1st place lien not required and other business debt can stay in place. A blanket UCC Lien will be filed. All owners with at least 10% ownership will need to be underwritten and be required to guarantee. Proceeds can be used for any purpose except those that involve Real estate. Average approval amount 8%-10% of Annual Gross Revenue. This is NOT a Cash Advance but an actual business loan

Docs Needed:

• Specific Questionnaire for these products (done online through special Link0
• Signed Credit Authorization form (Unless borrower answered questionnaire themselves), Most recent 3 months of business bank statements &
• Most recent 3 months of merchant credit card processing statements