Can work with any credit score, ideally the lender would like

Loan Terms:

Varies for each loan

Loan Size:

Up to $150k with lower credit scores, up to $250 with excellent credit scores.

Time in Business:

Minimum of one year

Loan Origination Fee:

Varies for each loan

Interest Rate:

Varies for each loan

Repayment Schedule:

Monthly ACH

Lending Criteria:

Medical Equipment, Technology Equipment, Software, Manufacturing Equipment, Dental Equipment, Transportation, Industrial Equipment, Construction Equipment

Lending Territory:

United States, all 50 states.


The Equipment can be new or used. This can be used for leasing or purchasing equipment. There can also be loans and/or lines of credit done on already owned equipment. We can also sometimes do a collateralized loan secured by titled collateral, such as a car, right now these can be no more than 50k and 50% LTV (so for the max loan of 50k the item it is secured against would have to be worth 100k minimum).

Docs Needed:

• Equipment App,
• 1st page of the most recent 3 months of business bank statements,
• Requests above $250K will require a personal financial statement.
• Lender may request further documentation.